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JPE, Vol. 17, No. 3, May 2017
Hybrid Control and Protection Scheme for Inverter Dominated Microgrids
Xiaotong Xu, Huiqing Wen, Lin Jiang, and Yihua Hu
Area Power Quality and Utility Application
Abstract With the high penetration of various sustainable energy sources, the control and protection of Microgrids has become a challenging problem considering the inherent current limitation feature of inverter-based Distributed Generators (DGs) and the bidirectional power flow in Microgrids. In this paper, a hybrid control and protection scheme is proposed, which combines the traditional inverse-time overcurrent protection with the biased differential protection for different feeders with different kinds of loads. It naturally accommodates various control strategies such as P-Q control and V-f control. The parameter settings of the protection scheme are analyzed and calculated through a fast Fourier transform algorithm, and the stability of the control strategy is discussed by building a small signal model in MATLAB. Different operation modes such as the grid-connected mode, the islanding mode, and the transitions between these two modes are ensured. A Microgrid model is established in PSCAD and the analysis results show that a Microgrid system can be effectively protected against different faults such as the single phase to ground and the three phase faults in both the grid-connected and islanded operation modes.
Keyword Biased differential protection,Distributed generators,Grid-connected mode,Inverse-time overcurrent protection,Islanded mode,Microgrid protection
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