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JPE, Vol. 17, No. 3, May 2017
Voltage Distortion Suppression for Off-grid Inverters with an Improved Load Current Feedforward Control
Yiwen Geng, Xue Zhang, Xiaoqiang Li, Kai Wang, and Xibo Yuan
Area Analysis, Modeling and Control
Abstract The output voltage of an off-grid inverter is influenced by load current, and the voltage harmonics especially the 5th and 7th are increased with nonlinear loads. In this paper, to attenuate the output voltage harmonics of off-grid inverters with nonlinear loads nearby, a load current feedforward is proposed. It is introduced to a voltage control loop based on the Positive and Negative Sequence Harmonic Regulator (PNSHR) compensation to modify the output impedance at selective frequencies. The parameters of the PNSHR are revised with the output impedance of the off-grid inverter, which minimizes the output impedance of the off-grid inverter. Experimental results verify the proposed method, showing that the output voltage harmonics caused by nonlinear loads can be effectively suppressed.
Keyword Load current feedforward,Output impedance,Positive and negative sequence harmonic regulator (PNSHR),Voltage harmonics
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