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JPE, Vol. 17, No. 3, May 2017
An Approach for Identifying the Temperature of Inductance Motors by Estimating the Rotor Slot Harmonic Based on Model Predictive Control
Liguo Wang, Qingyue Jiang, Chaoyu Zhang, Dongxin Jin, and Hui Deng
Area Analysis, Modeling and Control
Abstract In order to satisfy the urgent requirements for the overheating protection of induction motors, an approach that can be used to identify motor temperature has been proposed based on the rotor slots harmonic (RSH) in this paper. One method to accomplish this is to improve the calculation efficiency of the RSH by predicting the stator winding distribution harmonic order by analyzing the harmonics spectrum. Another approach is to increase the identification accuracy of the RSH by suppressing the influence of voltage flashes or current surges during temperature estimation based on model predictive control (MPC). First, an analytical expression of the stator inductance is extracted from a steady-state positive sequence motor equivalent circuit model developed from the rotor flux field orientation. Then a procedure that applies MPC for reducing the identification error of the rotor temperature caused by voltage sag or swell of the power system is given. Due to this work, the efficiency and accuracy of the RSH have been significantly improved and validated our experiments. This work can serves as a reference for the on-line temperature monitoring and overheating protection of an induction motor.
Keyword Model predictive control (MPC),Overheating protection,Rotor slot harmonic (RSH),Sensor-less identification
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