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JPE, Vol. 17, No. 3, May 2017
Sequence Pulse Modulation for Voltage Balance in a Cascaded H-Bridge Rectifier
Xu Peng, Xiaoqiong He, Pengcheng Han, Xiaolan Lin, Zeliang Shu, and Shibin Gao
Area High Power Converters
Abstract With the development of multilevel converters, cascaded single-phase H-bridge rectifiers (CHBRs) has become widely adopted in high-voltage high-power applications. In this study, sequence pulse modulation (SPM) is proposed for CHBRs. SPM is designed to balance the dc-link voltage and maintain the smooth changes of switch states. In contrast to phase disposition modulation, SPM balances the dc-link voltage even after removing the load of one submodule. The operation principle of SPM is deduced, and the unbalance degree of SPM is analyzed. All the proposed approaches are experimentally verified through a prototype of a four-module (nine-level) CHBR. Conclusions are drawn in accordance with the results of SPM and its imbalance degree analysis.
Keyword CHBR,Sequence pulse modulation,Voltage balance
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