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JPE, Vol. 17, No. 3, May 2017
A New SVM Method to Reduce Common-Mode Voltage of Five-leg Indirect Matrix Converter Fed Open-End Load Drives
Quoc-Hoan Tran and Hong-Hee Lee
Area High Power Converters
Abstract This paper proposes a cost-effective topology to drive a three-phase open-end load based on a five-leg indirect matrix converter (IMC) and a space vector modulation (SVM) method. By sharing an inverter leg with two load terminals, the proposed topology can reduce the number of power switches when compared to topologies based on a direct matrix converter or a six-leg IMC. The new SVM method uses only the active vectors that do not produce common-mode voltage (CMV), which results in zero CMV across the load phase and significantly reduces the peak value of the CMV at the load terminal. Furthermore, the proposed drive system can increase the voltage transfer ratio up to 1.5 and provide a superior performance in terms of an output line-to-line voltage with a three-level pulse-width modulation waveform. Simulation and experimental results are given to verify the effectiveness of the proposed topology and the new SVM method.
Keyword Common-Mode Voltage (CMV),Five-leg inverter,Indirect Matrix Converter (IMC),Open-End Load (OEL),Space Vector Modulation (SVM)
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