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JPE, Vol. 17, No. 3, May 2017
A KY Converter Integrated with a SR Boost Converter and a Coupled Inductor
Kuo-Ing Hwu and Wen-Zhuang Jiang
Area Low Power Converters
Abstract A KY converter integrated with a conventional synchronously rectified (SR) boost converter and a coupled inductor is presented in this paper. This improved KY converter has the following advantages: 1) the two converters use common switches; 2) the voltage gain of the KY converter can be improved due to the integration of a boost converter and a coupled inductor; 3) the leakage inductance of the coupled inductor is utilized to achieve zero voltage switching (ZVS); 4) the current stress on the charge pump capacitors and the decreasing rate of the diode current can be limited due to the use of the coupled inductor; and 5) the output current is non-pulsating. Moreover, the active switches are driven by using one half-bridge gate driver. Thus, no isolated driver is needed. Finally, the operating principle and analysis of the proposed converter are given to verify the effectiveness of the proposed converter.
Keyword Coupled inductor,KY converter,Voltage gain,Zero voltage switching
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