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JPE, Vol. 17, No. 2, March 2017
Effects of an Angle Droop Controller on the Performance of Distributed Generation Units with Load Uncertainty and Nonlinearity
M. S. Koupaei Niya, Abbas Kargar, and S. Y. Derakhshandeh
Area Power Quality and Utility Application
Abstract The present study proposes an angle droop controller for converter interfaced (dispatchable) distributed generation (DG) resources in the islanded mode of operation. Due to the necessity of proper real and reactive power sharing between different types of resources in microgrids and the ability of systems to respond properly to abnormal conditions (sudden load changes, load uncertainty, load current disturbances, transient conditions, etc.), it is necessary to produce appropriate references for all of the mentioned above conditions. The proposed control strategy utilizes a current controller in addition to an angle droop controller in the discrete time domain to generate appropriate responses under transient conditions. Furthermore, to reduce the harmonics caused by switching at convertersĄ¯ output, a LCL filter is used. In addition, a comparison is done on the effects that LCL filters and L filters have on the performance of DG units. The performance of the proposed control strategy is demonstrated for multi islanded grids with various types of loads and conditions through simulation studies in the DigSilent Power Factory software environment.
Keyword Angle droop,Current controller,Current load disturbance,Discrete time,LCL filer,Load uncertainty
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