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JPE, Vol. 17, No. 2, March 2017
Research on the Power Sharing Control and Stability of VSGs
Dong Xie, Da-Jin Zang, Peng Gao, and Jun-Jia Wang
Area Power Quality and Utility Application
Abstract Aiming at the deficiencies of power sharing control performances when a traditional droop control is adopted for microgrid inverters, this paper proposes a microgrid inverter power sharing control strategy based on a virtual synchronous generator. This control method simulates the electromechanical transient characteristics of a synchronous generator in a power system by an ontology algorithm and the control laws of a synchronous generator by control over the speed governor and excitation regulator. As a result, that the microgrid system is able to effectively retain the stability of the voltage and frequency, and the power sharing precision of the microgrid inverter is improved. Based on an analysis of stability of a microgrid system controlled by a virtual synchronous generator, design thoughts are provided for further improvement of the power sharing precision of inverters. The simulation results shows that when the virtual synchronous generator based control strategy was adopted, the power sharing performances of microgrid inverters are improved more obviously than those using the droop control strategy.
Keyword Microgrid,inverter,Power sharing control,Stability,Virtual synchronous generator
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