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JPE, Vol. 17, No. 2, March 2017
A Novel Parameter-independent Fictive-axis Approach for the Voltage Oriented Control of Single-phase Inverters
Fernando Arturo Ramirez, Marco A. Arjona, and Concepcion Hernandez
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Abstract This paper presents a novel Parameter-Independent Fictive-Axis (PIFA) approach for the Voltage-Oriented Control (VOC) algorithm used in grid-tied single-phase inverters. VOC is based on the transformation of the single-phase grid current into the synchronous reference frame. As a result, an orthogonal current signal is needed. Traditionally, this signal has been obtained from fixed time delays, digital filters or a Hilbert transformation. Nevertheless, these solutions present stability and transient drawbacks. Recently, the Fictive Axis Emulation (FAE) VOC has emerged as an alternative for the generation of the quadrature current signal. FAE requires detailed information of the grid current filter along with its transfer function for signal creation. When the transfer function is not accurate, the direct and quadrature current components present steady-state oscillations as the fictive two-phase system becomes unbalanced. Moreover, the digital implementation of the transfer function imposes an additional computing burden on the VOC. The PIFA VOC presented in this paper, takes advantage of the reference current to create the required orthogonal current, which effectively eliminates the need for the filter transfer function. Moreover, the fictive signal amplitude and phase do not change with a frequency drift, which results in an increased reliability. This yields a fast, linear and stable system that can be installed without fine tuning. To demonstrate the good performance of the PIFA VOC, simulation and experimental results are presented.
Keyword Current control,Fictive axis emulation,Grid filter,single phase inverter,Synchronous reference frame,Vector control
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