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JPE, Vol. 17, No. 2, March 2017
A Bidirectional Three-level DC-DC Converter with a Wide Voltage Conversion Range for Hybrid Energy Source Electric Vehicles
Ping Wang, Chendong Zhao, Yun Zhang, Jing Li, and Yongping Gao
Area Low Power Converters
Abstract In order to meet the increasing needs of the hybrid energy source system for electric vehicles, which demand bidirectional power flow capability with a wide-voltage-conversion range, a bidirectional three-level DC-DC converter and some control strategies for hybrid energy source electric vehicles are proposed. The proposed topology is synthesized from Buck and Boost three-level DC-DC topologies with a high voltage-gain and non-extreme duty cycles, and the bidirectional operation principle is analyzed. In addition, the inductor current ripple can be effectively reduced within the permitted duty cycle range by the coordinated control between the current fluctuation reduction and the non-extreme duty cycles. Furthermore, benefitting from duty cycle disturbance control, series-connected capacitor voltages can also be well balanced, even with the discrepant rise and fall time of power switches and the somewhat unequal capacitances of series-connected capacitors. Finally, experiment results of the bidirectional operations are given to verify the validity and feasibility of the proposed converter and control strategies. It is shown to be suitable for hybrid energy source electric vehicles.
Keyword Bidirectional DC-DC converter,Capacitor voltage balance,High voltage-gain,Non-extreme duty cycles,Three-level
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