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JPE, Vol. 17, No. 1, January 2017
An Interference Isolation Method for Wireless Power and Signal Parallel Transmissions on CPT Systems
Wei Zhou, Yu-Gang Su, Shi-Yun Xie, Long Chen, Xin Dai, and Yu-Ming Zhao
Area Other Applications
Abstract A novel interference isolation method is proposed by using several designed coils in capacitive power transfer systems as isolation impedances. For each designed coil, its stray parameters such as the inter-turn capacitance, coil resistance and capacitance between the coil and the core, etc. are taken into account. An equivalent circuit model of the designed coil is established. According to this equivalent circuit, the impedance characteristic of the coil is calculated. In addition, the maximum impedance point and the corresponding excitation frequency of the coil are obtained. Based on this analysis, six designed coils are adopted to isolate the interference from power delivery. The proposed method is verified through experiments with a power carrier frequency of 1MHz and a data carrier frequency of 8.7MHz. The power and data are transferred parrallelly with a data carrier attenuation lower than -5dB and a power attenuation on the sensing resistor higher than -45dB.
Keyword Capacitive power transfer (CPT),Coil stray parameters,Interference isolation,Wireless power and signal parallel transmission
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