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JPE, Vol. 17, No. 1, January 2017
A Kalman Filter based Predictive Direct Power Control Scheme to Mitigate Source Voltage Distortions in PWM Rectifiers
Un-chul Moon, Soo-eon Kim, Roh Chan, and Sangshin Kwak
Area Analysis, Modeling and Control
Abstract In this paper, a predictive direct power control (DPC) method based on a Kalman filter is presented for three-phase pulse-width modulation (PWM) rectifiers to improve the performance of rectifiers with source voltages that are distorted with harmonic components. This method can eliminate the most significant harmonic components of the source voltage using a Kalman filter algorithm. In the process of predicting the future real and reactive power to select an optimal voltage vector in the predictive DPC, the proposed method utilizes source voltages filtered by a Kalman filter, which can mitigate the adverse effects of distorted source voltages on control performance. As a result, the quality of the source currents synthesized using the PWM rectifier is improved, and the total harmonic distortion (THD) values are reduced, even under distorted source voltages.
Keyword Three-phase pulse-width modulated rectifier,Direct power control,Predictive control,Kalman filter
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