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JPE, Vol. 17, No. 1, January 2017
Direct Torque Control of Five-leg Dual-PMSM Drive Systems for Fault-tolerant Purposes
Wei Wang, Jinghao Zhang, Ming Cheng, and Ruiwu Cao
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Abstract To enhance the reliability of two-motor drive systems, this paper proposes an improved direct torque control (DTC) scheme (P-DTC) for five-leg dual-PMSM drive systems. First, the topology of a five-leg dual-PMSM drive system is illustrated. To clarify the analysis of the P-DTC, the standard DTC scheme for three-phase drive systems is presented. The operation of a five-leg dual-PMSM drive system is classified into three situations according to the definitions of the switching-vector unions. Compared with the existing DTC scheme (R-DTC), the P-DTC can minimize the replacement of active switching-vectors to zero switching-vectors. When this replacement cannot be avoided, the P-DTC uses a proposed master-slave selection principle to minimize the system error. Comparing with the R-DTC, the P-DTC has lower torque ripples, a wider speed range and a faster torque increasing response. Experiments have been carried out in the coupling and independent modes, and the effectiveness of the P-DTC is verified by the obtained results.
Keyword Direct torque control,Fault tolerance,Five-leg VSI,PMSM
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