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Recently Accepted Papers
Improved Circuit Model for Simulating IGBT Switching Transients in VSCs
Naushath Mohamed Haleem¢Ó, Athula D. Rajapakse*, and Aniruddha M. Gole*
Step-Up Asymmetrical Nine Phase Delta-Connected Transformer for HVDC Transmission
Arafet Ben Ammar¢Ó and Faouzi Ben Ammar*
Large Signal Determination of Non-Linear Output Capacitance of Gallium-Nitride Field Effect Transistors from Switch-Off Voltage Transients ? A Numerical Method
David Pentz¢Ó and Andrea Joannou*
Harmonic Current Compensation Using Active Power Filter Based on Model Predictive Control Technology
Misbawu Adam*,**, Yuepeng Chen*, and Xiangtian Deng¢Ó
Complex Vector Modeling and Series Decoupling Current Control Strategy of High-Power L/LCL Type Grid-Connected Converter Under Low Switching Frequency
Yingjie Wang*,**, Lanyi Jiao*, Bo Yang*, Wenchao Wang***, and Haiyuan Liu¢Ó
Compensation of Neutral Point Deviation Under Generalized 3-Phase Imbalance in 3-level NPC Converters
Kyungsub Jung* and Yongsug Suh¢Ó
Multi-Function Distributed Generation with Active Power Filter and Reactive Power Compensator
Shengli Huang* and Jianguo Luo¢Ó
Stability Control of Energy Storage Voltage Source Inverters in Isolated Power Systems
Jian Hu¢Ó and Lijun Fu*
Modelling and Performance Analysis of UPQC with Digital Kalman Control Algorithm under Unbalanced Distorted Source Voltage conditions
Venkatesh Kumar¢Ó and Rajeswari Ramachandran*
Three-phase Three-level Boost-type Front-end PFC Rectifier for Improving Power Quality at Input AC Mains of Telecom Loads
Saravana Prakash P¢Ó, R. Kalpana*, and Bhim Singh**
Humpback Whale Assisted Hybrid Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm for Partially Shaded Solar Photovoltaic Systems
Manoharan Premkumar¢Ó and Rameshkumar Sumithira*
Deadbeat and Hierarchical Predictive Control with Space-Vector Modulation for Three-Phase Five-Level Nested Neutral Point Piloted Converters
Junjie Li¢Ó, Xiangyu Chang**, Dirui Yang*, Yunlong Liu***, and Jianguo Jiang*
High-Pass-Filter-Based Virtual Impedance Control for LCL-filtered Inverters Under Weak Grid
Jiangfeng Wang*, Yan Xing*, Li Zhang¢Ó, Haibing Hu*, Tianyu Yang*, and Daorong Lu*
Model Predictive Control for Tram Charging and its Semi-Physical Experimental Platform Design
Chujia Guo*, Aimin Zhang*, and Hang Zhang¢Ó
Control Bandwidth Extension Method Based on Phase Margin Compensation for Inverters with Low Carrier Ratio
Qikang Wei*, Bangyin Liu¢Ó, and Shanxu Duan*
Accurate Power Sharing in Proportion for Parallel Connected Inverters by Reconstructing Inverter Output Impedance
Shengli Huang¢Ó and Jianguo Luo*
Comparative Study of Minimum Ripple Switching Loss PWM Hybrid Sequences for Two-level VSI Drives
G. Vivek¢Ó, Jayanta Biswas**, Meenu D. Nair***, and Mukti Barai*
Novel Soft Starting Algorithm of Single Phase Induction Motors by Using PWM Inverter
Hae-Jin Kim*, Seon-Hwan Hwang**, and Jang-Mok Kim¢Ó
A Robust Dynamic Decoupling Control Scheme for PMSM Current Loops Based on Improved Sliding Mode Observer
Hanlin Shen*, Xin Luo*, Guilin Liang¢Ó, and Anwen Shen*
Two Low-Loss Large Current Rectifiers Based on Low KVA Rating Wye-Connected Autotransformers
Fangang Meng¢Ó, Zhongcheng Man*, Quanhui Li*, and Lei Gao*
Modeling, Analysis, and Enhanced Control of Modular Multilevel Converters with Asymmetric Arm Impedance for HVDC Applications
Peng Dong*, Jing Lyu*, and Xu Cai¢Ó
Repetitive Control with Specific Harmonic Gain Compensation for Cascaded Inverters under Rectifier Loads
Zheng-Kai Lv*, Li Sun*, Jian-Dong Duan¢Ó, Bing Tian*, and HuiLing Qin**
Novel Method for Circulating Current Suppression in MMCs Based on Multiple Quasi-PR Controller
Jian Qiu*, Lijun Hang¢Ó, Dongliang Liu*, Shengbao Geng**, Xiaonan Ma*, and Zhen Li*
A Practical Algorithm for Selective Harmonic Elimination in Five-Level Converters
Farzad Golshan*, Adib Abrishamifar¢Ó, and Mohammad Arasteh**
Flyback AC-DC Converter with Low THD Based on Primary-Side Control
Changyuan Chang¢Ó, Luyang He*, Zixuan Cao*, and Dadi Zhao*
Deadbeat Direct Active and Reactive Power Control of Three-phase PWM AC/DC Converters
Ali Gandomkar* and Jul-Ki Seok¢Ó
Rapid Dynamic Response Flyback AC-DC Converter Design
Changyuan Chang¢Ó, Menglin Wu*, Luyang He*, and Dadi Zhao*
Double-Input DC-DC Converter for Applications with Wide-Input-Voltage-Ranges
Renjun Hu**, Jun Zeng**, Junfeng Liu*, and Jinming Yang¢Ó
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