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Recently Accepted Papers
Wireless Synchronous Transfer of Power and Reverse Signals
Yang Li, Yumei Li, Shaojie Feng, Qingxin Yang, Weihao Dong, Jingtai Zhao, and Ming Xue
Design and Implementation of Instantaneous Power Estimation Algorithm for Unified Power Conditioners
Sindhu. S, Sindhu M. R., and T. N. P. Nambiar
Three-Phase Current Balancing Strategy with Distributed Static Series Compensators
Hanjong Yoon, Dongkwan Yoon, Dongmin Choi, and Younghoon Cho
Analytical Calculation of Air Gap Magnetic Field Distribution in Magnetic Geared Motors
Hyoseok Shi, Noboru Niguchi, and Katsuhiro Hirata
Performance Improvement in Single-Phase Electric Spring Control
Qingsong Wang, Wujian Zuo, Ming Cheng, Fujin Deng, and Giuseppe Buja
SynRM Driving CVT System Using an ARGOPNN with MPSO Control System
Chih-Hong Lin and Kuo-Tsai Chang
Hybrid Phase Excitation Method for Improving Efficiency of 7-Phase BLDC Motors for Ship Propulsion Systems
Hyung-Seok Park, Sang-Woo Park, Dong-Youn Kim, and Jang-Mok Kim
Simplified Rotor and Stator Resistance Estimation Method Based on Direct Rotor Flux Identification
Mingyu Wang, Dafang Wang, Guanglin Dong, Hui Wei, Xiu Liang, and Zexu Xu
Finite Element Analysis and Dynamics Simulation of Mechanical Flux-Varying PM Machines with Auto-Rotary PMs
Chaozhi Huang, Zhixuan Zhang, Xiping Liu, Juanjuan Xiao, and Hui Xu
Pulse-Width Modulation Strategy for Common Mode Voltage Elimination with Reduced Common Mode Voltage Spikes in Multilevel Inverters with Extension to Over-Modulation Mode
Khoa-Dang Pham and Nho-Van Nguyen
Hybrid-Boost Modular Multilevel Converter-Based Medium-Voltage Multiphase Induction Motor Drive for Subsea Applications
Mohamed Daoud, Ahmed Elserougi, Ahmed Massoud, Radu Bojoi, Ayman Abdel-Khalik, and Shehab Ahmed
Transition Control of Standby and Operation Modes of Wireless Charging System for Inspection Robots
Han Liu, Linlin Tan, Xueliang Huang, and Dariusz Czarkowski
Switched Capacitor Based High Gain DC-DC Converter Topology for Multiple Voltage Conversion Ratios with Reduced Output Impedance
Anurag Priyadarshi, Pratik Kumar Kar, and Srinivas Bhaskar Karanki
Interleaved High Step-Up Boost Converter
Penghui Ma, Wenjuan Liang, Hao Chen, Yubo Zhang, and Xuefeng Hu
Hopf Bifurcation Study of Inductively Coupled Power Transfer Systems Based on SS-type Compensation
Chenyang Xia, Ying Yang, Yuxiang Peng, and Aiguo Patrick Hu
Analysis and Implementation of High Step-Up DC/DC Convertor with Modified Super-Lift Technique
Rezvan Fani, Ebrahim Farshidi, Ehsan Adib, and Abdolnabi Kosarian
Wireless Power Transfer via Magnetic Resonance Coupling (MRC) with Reduced Standby Power Consumption
Byoung-Hee Lee
Leakage Magnetic Field Suppression Using Dual-Transmitter Topology in EV Wireless Charging
Guodong Zhu, Dawei Gao, and Shulin Lin
Adaptive Digital Predictive Peak Current Control Algorithm for Buck Converters
Yu Zhang, Yiming Zhang, Xuhong Wang, and Wenhao Zhu
Investigations of Multi-Carrier Pulse Width Modulation Schemes for Diode Free Neutral Point Clamped Multilevel Inverters
Bharatiraja ChokalinghamĘ”, Mahajan Sagar Bhaskar*, Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban**, Vigna K. Ramachandaramurthy*** and Atif Iqbal*
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