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Recently Accepted Papers
16-08-166_Improved Pre-charging Method for MMC-Based HVDC System Operated in Nearest Level Control
Kyo-Min Kim, Jae-Hyuk Kim, Do-Hyun Kim, Byung-Moon Han, and Jun-Young Lee
16-08-140_Direct Torque Control of Five-leg Dual-PMSM Drive Systems for Fault-tolerant Purposes
Wei Wang, Jinghao Zhang, Ming Cheng, and Ruiwu Cao
16-08-105_A Novel Zero-voltage-switching Push-pull Forward Converter with Parallel Resonant Network
Chunwei Cai, Chunyu Shi, Yuxing Guo, Zi Yang, and Fangang Meng
16-08-088_Non-equal DC link Voltages in a Cascaded H-Bridge with a Selective Harmonic Mitigation-PWM Technique Based on the Fundamental Switching Frequency
Amirhossein Moeini, Hossein Iman-Eini, and Mohammad Najjar
16-07-185_Design and Experimental Validation of Digital Predictive Controller for Variable Speed Wind Turbine Systems
Badreddine Babes, Lazhar Rahmani, Abdelmadjid Chaoui, and Noureddine Hamouda
16-07-180_A Hierarchical Model Predictive Voltage Control for NPC/H-Bridge Converters with Reduced Computational Burden
Zheng Gong, Peng Dai, Xiaojie Wu, Fujin Deng, Dong Liu, and Zhe Chen
16-07-159_Design of the Hybrid Controller for the Three-phase Four-leg Voltage Source Inverter under Unbalanced Load Condition
Van-Tuan Doan, Ki-Young Kim, Woojin Choi, and Dae-Wook Kim
16-07-100_A Hybrid Modular Multilevel Converter Topology with an Improved Nearest Level Modulation Method
Jun Wang, Xu Han, Hao Ma, and Zhihong Bai
16-06-133_Communication-Less PCC Voltage Compensation Using Improved Droop Control Scheme in Islanding Microgrid
Guangqian Ding, Feng Gao, Ruisheng Li, and Bingxin Wu
16-06-101_Analysis, Design and Implementation of a Zero-Voltage-Transition Interleaved Boost Converter
Naim Suleyman Ting, Yakup Sahin, and Ismail Aksoy
16-06-087_Highly efficient two-stage inverter for photovoltaic grid-connected generation system
Jiang Liu, Shanmei Cheng, and Anwen Shen
16-06-046_A Fast Transient Repetitive Control Strategy For Programmable Harmonic Current Source
Wanjun Lei, Cheng Nie, Mingfeng Chen, Huajia Wang, Yue Wang
16-06-032_A Hybrid DC/DC Converter for EV OBCs Using Full-bridge and Resonant Converters with a Single Transformer
Najam ul Hassan, Yoon-Jae Kim, Byung-Moon Han, and Jun-Young Lee
16-06-029_An Improved Switching Topology for Single Phase Multilevel Inverter with Capacitor Voltage Balancing Technique
Soundar Rajan Ponnusamy, Manoharan Subramaniam, Gerald Christopher Raj Irudayaraj, and Kaliamoorthy Mylsamy
16-06-007_A Voltage-fed Single-stage PFC Full-bridge Converter with Asymmetric Phase-shifted Control for Battery Chargers
Qinsong Qian, Weifeng Sun, Taizhi Zhang, and Shengli Lu
16-05-183_An Enhanced Power Sharing Strategy for Islanded Microgrids Considering Impedance Matching for Both Real and Reactive Power
Liaoyuan Lin, Qian Guo, Zhihong Bai, and Hao Ma
16-05-145_A Novel Predictive Digital Controlled Sensorless PFC Converter under the Boundary Conduction Mode
Jizhe Wang, Hidenori Maruta, Motoshi Matsunaga, and Fujio Kurokawa
16-05-089_A New Photovoltaic System Architecture of Module- Integrated Converter with a Single-sourced Asymmetric Multilevel Inverter Using a Costeffective Single-ended Pre-regulator
Mohana Sundar Manoharan, Ashraf Ahmed, and Joung-Hu Park
16-05-076_A New Reclosing and Re-breaking DC Thyristor Circuit Breaker for DC Distribution Applications
Jin-Young Kim, Seung-Soo Choi, and In-Dong Kim
16-05-030_An Adaptive Speed Estimation Method Based on a Strong Tracking Extended Kalman Filter with a Least-Square Algorithm for Induction Motors
Zhonggang Yin, Guoyin Li, Chao Du, Xiangdong Sun, Jing Liu, and Yanru Zhong
16-04-120_Performance Analysis of Three-Phase Phase-Locked Loops for Distorted and Unbalanced Grids
Kai Li, An Bo, Hong Zheng, and Ningbo Sun
16-04-061_A Single-phase Harmonics Extraction Algorithm Based on the Principle of Trigonometric Orthogonal Functions
Hao Yi, Fang Zhuo, Feng Wang, Yu Li, and Zhenxiong Wang
16-04-040_Control and Analysis of Vienna Rectifier Used as the Generator-Side Converter of PMSG-based Wind Power Generation Systems
Hongyan Zhao, Trillion Q. Zheng, Yan Li, Jifei Du, and Pu Shi
16-04-011_A New Method for Elimination of Zero-sequence Voltage in Dual Three-level Inverter Fed Open-end Winding Induction Motors
Yi-Wen Geng, Chen-Xi Wei, Rui-Cheng Chen, Liang Wang, Jia-Bin Xu, and Shuang-Cheng Hao
16-03-132_An Interference Isolation Method for Wireless Power and Signal Parallel Transmissions on CPT Systems
Wei Zhou, Yu-Gang Su, Shi-Yun Xie, Long Chen, Xin Dai, and Yu-Ming Zhao
16-03-106_A New Active Zero State PWM Algorithm for Reducing the Number of Switchings
Sang-Won Yun, Jae-Hyuk Baik, Dong-Sik Kim, and Ji-Yoon Yoo
16-02-163_Predictive Current Control for Multilevel Cascaded H-Bridge Inverters Based on a Deadbeat Solution
Chen Qi, Pengfei Tu, Peng Wang, and Michael Zagrodnik
16-02-128_Protection of the MMCs of HVDC Transmission Systems against DC Short-Circuit Faults
Thanh Hai Nguyen and Dong-Choon Lee
16-02-124_Quick Diagnosis of Short Circuit Faults in Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverters using FPGA
Saeed Ouni, Mohammad Reza Zolghadri, Jose Rodriguez, Mahmoud Shahbazi, Hashem Oraee, Pablo Lezana, and Andres Ulloa Schmeisser
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