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JPE, Vol. 19, No. 5, September   2019
Vol. 19, No. 5 Cover & Contents
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.0-0 , 2019
Two-Inductor Non-Isolated DC-DC Converter with High Step-Up Voltage Gain
Sze Sing Lee, Bing Chu, Chee Shen Lim, and Kyo-Beum Lee
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1069-1073 , 2019
Design and Verification of Improved Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Topology with Asymmetric DC Sources
Tarmizi Tarmizi, Soib Taib, and M. K. Mat Desa
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1074-1086 , 2019
Analysis of Key Parameters for Inductively Coupled Power Transfer Systems Realized by Detuning Factor in Synchronous Generators
Jinfeng Liu, Kun Li, Ningzhi Jin, and Herbert Ho-Ching Iu
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1087-1098 , 2019
Analysis of Hybrid Converter with Wide Voltage Range Operation
Bor-Ren Lin
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1099-1107 , 2019
Design Methodology for Optimal Phase-Shift Modulation of Non-Inverting Buck-Boost Converters
Bingqing Shi, Zhengming Zhao, Kai Li, Gaohui Feng, Shiqi Ji, and Jiayue Zhou
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1108-1121 , 2019
Analysis and Design of Transformer Windings Schemes in Multiple-Output Flyback Auxiliary Power Supplies with High-Input Voltage
Xianzeng Meng, Chunyan Li, Tao Meng, and Yanhua An
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1122-1132 , 2019
Capacitors Energy Strategy Based Cascaded H-Bridge Converter for DC Port Failures
Xu Peng, Xiaohan Liu, Guolong Yang, Xijun Liu, Lixia Gao, and Xinyu Zhu
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1133-1141 , 2019
Reducing Current Distortion in Indirect Matrix Converters Operating in Boost Mode under Unbalanced Input Conditions
Dongho Choi, Yeongsu Bak, and Kyo-Beum Lee
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1142-1152 , 2019
Average Current Control for Parallel Connected Converters
Bassim M. H. Jassim, Bashar Zahawi, and David J. Atkinson
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1153-1161 , 2019
Leg-By-Leg-Based Finite-Control-Set Model Predictive Control for Two-Level Voltage-Source Inverters
Tao Zhang, Xiyou Chen, Chen Qi, and Zhengying Lang
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1162-1170 , 2019
Comparison of Capacitor Voltage Balancing Methods for 1GW MMC-HVDC Based on Real-Time Digital Simulator and Physical Control Systems
Jun-Min Lee, Jung-Woo Park, Dae-Wook Kang, Jong-Pil Lee, Dong-Wook Yoo, and Jang-Myung Lee
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1171-1181 , 2019
Soft-Switching T-Type Multilevel Inverter
Tianyu Chen and Mehdi Narimani
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1182-1192 , 2019
Model-Free Adaptive Integral Backstepping Control for PMSM Drive Systems
Hongmei Li, Xinyu Li, Zhiwei Chen, Jingkui Mao, and Jiandong Huang
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1193-1202 , 2019
Fast Regulation Method for Commutation Shifts for Sensorless Brushless DC Motors
Xuliang Yao, Jicheng Zhao, and Jingfang Wang
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1203-1215 , 2019
Sensorless Control of Double-Sided Linear Switched Reluctance Machines with Eccentricities
Qianlong Wang, Zhengfei Wu, and Wei Jiang
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1216-1223 , 2019
Seamless Transition Strategy for Wide Speed-Range Sensorless IPMSM Drives with a Virtual Q-axis Inductance
Hanlin Shen, Jinbang Xu, Baiqiang Yu, Qipeng Tang, Bao Chen, Chun Lou, and Yu Qiao
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1224-1234 , 2019
Modeling and Design of Zero-Voltage-Switching Controller for Wireless Power Transfer Systems Based on Closed-Loop Dominant Pole
Cheng Chen, Hong Zhou, Qijun Deng, Wenshan Hu, Yanjuan Yu, Xiaoqing Lu, and Jingang Lai
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1235-1247 , 2019
Moth-Flame Optimization-Based Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic Systems Under Partial Shading Conditions
Ji-Ying Shi, Deng-Yu Zhang, Fei Xue, Ya-Jing Li, Wen Qiao, Wen-Jing Yang, Yi-Ming Xu, and Ting Yang
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1248-1258 , 2019
Design and Application of a Photovoltaic Array Simulator with Partial Shading Capability
Ersoy Beser
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1259-1269 , 2019
Control Strategy and Stability Analysis of Virtual Synchronous Generators Combined with Photovoltaic Dynamic Characteristics
Xiying Ding, Tianxiang Lan, and Henan Dong
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1270-1277 , 2019
Non-Isolated Unidirectional Three-Port Cuk-Cuk Converter for Fuel Cell/Solar PV Systems
Balaji Chandrasekar, N. Chellammal, and Bhargavi Nallamothu
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1278-1288 , 2019
Optimal Allocation Method of Hybrid Active Power Filters in Active Distribution Networks Based on Differential Evolution Algorithm
Yougen Chen, Weiwei Chen, Renli Yang, and Zhiyong Li
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1289-1302 , 2019
Study of Harmonic Suppression of Ship Electric Propulsion Systems
Yifei Wang, Youxin Yuan, and Jing Chen
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1303-1314 , 2019
Power Quality Optimal Control of Railway Static Power Conditioners Based on Electric Railway Power Supply Systems
Youhua Jiang, Wenji Wang, Xiangwei Jiang, Le Zhao, and Yilong Cao
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1315-1325 , 2019
Equivalent Parallel Capacitance Cancellation of Common Mode Chokes Using Negative Impedance Converter for Common Mode Noise Reduction
Guangdong Dong and Fanghua Zhang
JPE, vol.19, no.5, pp.1326-1335 , 2019
JPE, Vol. 19, No. 4, July   2019
Vol. 19, No. 4 Cover & Contents
JPE, vol.19, no.4, pp.0-0 , 2019
Augmentation of Fractional-Order PI Controller with Nonlinear Error-Modulator for Enhancing Robustness of DC-DC Boost Converters
Omer Saleem, Mohsin Rizwan, Ahmad Khizar, and Muaaz Ahmad
JPE, vol.19, no.4, pp.835-845 , 2019
ZVT Series Capacitor Interleaved Buck Converter with High Step-Down Conversion Ratio
Zhangyong Chen, Yong Chen, Wei Jiang, and Tiesheng Yan
JPE, vol.19, no.4, pp.846-857 , 2019
Analysis, Design and Implementation of Flexible Interlaced Converter for Lithium Battery Active Balancing in Electric Vehicles
Shuailong Dai, Jiayu Wang, Teng Li, Zhifei Shan, and Yewen Wei
JPE, vol.19, no.4, pp.858-868 , 2019
Design-Oriented Stability of Outer Voltage Loop in Capacitor Current Controlled Buck Converters
Xi Zhang, Zhongwei Zhang, Bocheng Bao, Han Bao, Zhimin Wu, Kaiwen Yao, and Jing Wu
JPE, vol.19, no.4, pp.869-880 , 2019
Double Boost Power-Decoupling Topology Suitable for Low-Voltage Photovoltaic Residential Applications Using Sliding-Mode Impedance-Shaping Controller
Mohamed Atef Tawfik, Ashraf Ahmed, and Joung-Hu Park
JPE, vol.19, no.4, pp.881-893 , 2019
High Quality DC-DC Boosting Converter Based on Cuk Converter and Advantages of Using It in Multilevel Structures
Sajad Rostami, Vahid Abbasi, and Tamas Kerekes
JPE, vol.19, no.4, pp.894-906 , 2019
New Generalized PWM Schemes for Multilevel Inverters Providing Zero Common-Mode Voltage and Low Current Distortion
Nho-Van Nguyen and Tam-Khanh Tu Nguyen
JPE, vol.19, no.4, pp.907-921 , 2019
Optimal Selection of Arm Inductance and Switching Modulation for Three-Phase Modular Multilevel Converters in Terms of DC Voltage Utilization, Harmonics and Efficiency
Ali Osman Arslan, Mehmet Kurtoglu, Fatih Eroglu, and Ahmet Mete Vural
JPE, vol.19, no.4, pp.922-933 , 2019
Current Sharing Method Based on Optimal Phase Shift Control for Interleaved Three-Phase Half Bridge LLC Converter with Floating Y-Connection
Lin Shi, Bangyin Liu, and Shanxu Duan
JPE, vol.19, no.4, pp.934-943 , 2019
SVPWM Strategies for Three-level T-type Neutral-point-clamped Indirect Matrix Converter
Nguyen Dinh Tuyen, Le Minh Phuong, and Hong-Hee Lee
JPE, vol.19, no.4, pp.944-955 , 2019
Virtual Signal Injected MTPA Control for DTC Five-Phase IPMSM Drives
Guohai Liu, Yuqi Yang, and Qian Chen
JPE, vol.19, no.4, pp.956-967 , 2019
Effects of Zero-Sequence Transformations and Min-Max Injection on Fault-Tolerant Symmetrical Six-Phase Drives with Single Isolated Neutral
Wan Noraishah Wan Abdul Munim, Mahdi Tousizadeh, and Hang Seng Che
JPE, vol.19, no.4, pp.968-979 , 2019
Influence of Frequency on Electromagnetic Field of Super High-Speed Permanent Magnet Generator
Hongbo Qiu, Yanqi Wei, Wei Wang, Bingxia Tang, Xifang Zhao, and Cunxiang Yang
JPE, vol.19, no.4, pp.980-988 , 2019
Fault-Tolerant Control for 5L-HNPC Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drives with Finite Control Set Model Predictive Control Based on Hierarchical Optimization
Chunjie Li, Guifeng Wang, Fei Li, Hongmei Li, Zhenglong Xia, and Zhan Liu
JPE, vol.19, no.4, pp.989-999 , 2019
Transient-Performance-Oriented Discrete-Time Design of Resonant Controller for Three-Phase Grid-Connected Converters
Zhanfeng Song, Yun Yu, Yaqi Wang, and Xiaohui Ma
JPE, vol.19, no.4, pp.1000-1010 , 2019
Buck-Flyback (fly-buck) Stand-Alone Photovoltaic System for Charge Balancing with Differential Power Processor Circuit
Chun-Gu Lee, Jung-Hyun Park, and Joung-Hu Park
JPE, vol.19, no.4, pp.1011-1019 , 2019
Control Strategy for Accurate Reactive Power Sharing in Islanded Microgrids
Xuan Hoa Thi Pham and Toi Thanh Le
JPE, vol.19, no.4, pp.1020-1033 , 2019
Multiple Decoupling Current Control Strategies for LCL Type Grid-Connected Converters Based on Complex Vectors under Low Switching Frequencies
Haiyuan Liu, Yang Shi, Yinan Guo, Yingjie Wang, and Wenchao Wang
JPE, vol.19, no.4, pp.1034-1044 , 2019
Fast Extraction of Symmetrical Components from Distorted Three-Phase Signals Based on Asynchronous-Rotational Reference Frame
Tianqu Hao, Feng Gao, and Tao Xu
JPE, vol.19, no.4, pp.1045-1053 , 2019
Influence of Device Parameters Spread on Current Distribution of Paralleled Silicon Carbide MOSFETs
Junji Ke, Zhibin Zhao, Peng Sun, Huazhen Huang, James Abuogo, and Xiang Cui
JPE, vol.19, no.4, pp.1054-1067 , 2019
JPE, Vol. 19, No. 3, May   2019
Vol. 19, No. 3 Cover & Contents
JPE, vol.19, no.3, pp.0-0 , 2019
Adaptive Digital Predictive Peak Current Control Algorithm for Buck Converters
Yu Zhang, Yiming Zhang, Xuhong Wang, and Wenhao Zhu
JPE, vol.19, no.3, pp.613-624 , 2019
Leakage Magnetic Field Suppression Using Dual-Transmitter Topology in EV Wireless Charging
Guodong Zhu, Dawei Gao, and Shulin Lin
JPE, vol.19, no.3, pp.625-636 , 2019
Wireless Power Transfer via Magnetic Resonance Coupling (MRC) with Reduced Standby Power Consumption
Byoung-Hee Lee
JPE, vol.19, no.3, pp.637-644 , 2019
Analysis and Implementation of High Step-Up DC/DC Convertor with Modified Super-Lift Technique
Rezvan Fani, Ebrahim Farshidi, Ehsan Adib, and Abdolnabi Kosarian
JPE, vol.19, no.3, pp.645-654 , 2019
Hopf Bifurcation Study of Inductively Coupled Power Transfer Systems Based on SS-type Compensation
Chenyang Xia, Ying Yang, Yuxiang Peng, and Aiguo Patrick Hu
JPE, vol.19, no.3, pp.655-664 , 2019
Interleaved High Step-Up Boost Converter
Penghui Ma, Wenjuan Liang, Hao Chen, Yubo Zhang, and Xuefeng Hu
JPE, vol.19, no.3, pp.665-675 , 2019
Switched Capacitor Based High Gain DC-DC Converter Topology for Multiple Voltage Conversion Ratios with Reduced Output Impedance
Anurag Priyadarshi, Pratik Kumar Kar, and Srinivas Bhaskar Karanki
JPE, vol.19, no.3, pp.676-690 , 2019
Transition Control of Standby and Operation Modes of Wireless Charging System for Inspection Robots
Han Liu, Linlin Tan, Xueliang Huang, and Dariusz Czarkowski
JPE, vol.19, no.3, pp.691-701 , 2019
Investigations of Multi-Carrier Pulse Width Modulation Schemes for Diode Free Neutral Point Clamped Multilevel Inverters
Bharatiraja Chokkalingam, Mahajan Sagar Bhaskar, Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban, Vigna K. Ramachandaramurthy, and Atif Iqbal
JPE, vol.19, no.3, pp.702-713 , 2019
Hybrid-Boost Modular Multilevel Converter-Based Medium-Voltage Multiphase Induction Motor Drive for Subsea Applications
Mohamed Daoud, Ahmed Elserougi, Ahmed Massoud, Radu Bojoi, Ayman Abdel-Khalik, and Shehab Ahmed
JPE, vol.19, no.3, pp.714-726 , 2019
Pulse-Width Modulation Strategy for Common Mode Voltage Elimination with Reduced Common Mode Voltage Spikes in Multilevel Inverters with Extension to Over-Modulation Mode
Khoa-Dang Pham and Nho-Van Nguyen
JPE, vol.19, no.3, pp.727-743 , 2019
Finite Element Analysis and Dynamics Simulation of Mechanical Flux-Varying PM Machines with Auto-Rotary PMs
Chaozhi Huang, Zhixuan Zhang, Xiping Liu, Juanjuan Xiao, and Hui Xu
JPE, vol.19, no.3, pp.744-750 , 2019
Simplified Rotor and Stator Resistance Estimation Method Based on Direct Rotor Flux Identification
Mingyu Wang, Dafang Wang, Guanglin Dong, Hui Wei, Xiu Liang, and Zexu Xu
JPE, vol.19, no.3, pp.751-760 , 2019
Hybrid Phase Excitation Method for Improving Efficiency of 7-Phase BLDC Motors for Ship Propulsion Systems
Hyung-Seok Park, Sang-Woo Park, Dong-Youn Kim, and Jang-Mok Kim
JPE, vol.19, no.3, pp.761-770 , 2019
SynRM Driving CVT System Using an ARGOPNN with MPSO Control System
Chih-Hong Lin and Kuo-Tsai Chang
JPE, vol.19, no.3, pp.771-783 , 2019
Performance Improvement in Single-Phase Electric Spring Control
Qingsong Wang, Wujian Zuo, Ming Cheng, Fujin Deng, and Giuseppe Buja
JPE, vol.19, no.3, pp.784-793 , 2019
Analytical Calculation of Air Gap Magnetic Field Distribution in Magnetic Geared Motors
Hyoseok Shi, Noboru Niguchi, and Katsuhiro Hirata
JPE, vol.19, no.3, pp.794-802 , 2019
Three-Phase Current Balancing Strategy with Distributed Static Series Compensators
Hanjong Yoon, Dongkwan Yoon, Dongmin Choi, and Younghoon Cho
JPE, vol.19, no.3, pp.803-814 , 2019
Design and Implementation of Instantaneous Power Estimation Algorithm for Unified Power Conditioner
Sindhu. S, Sindhu M. R., and T. N. P. Nambiar
JPE, vol.19, no.3, pp.815-826 , 2019
Wireless Synchronous Transfer of Power and Reverse Signals
Yang Li, Yumei Li, Shaojie Feng, Qingxin Yang, Weihao Dong, Jingtai Zhao, and Ming Xue
JPE, vol.19, no.3, pp.827-834 , 2019
JPE, Vol. 19, No. 2, March   2019
Vol. 19, No. 2 Cover & Contents
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.0-0 , 2019
A Novel Method for Compensating Phase Voltage Based on Online Calculating Compensation Time
Mingyu Wang, Dafang Wang, Chuanwei Zhou, Xiu Liang, and Guanglin Dong
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.333-343 , 2019
Coupled Inductor Design Method for 2-Phase Interleaved Boost Converters
Dong Liang and Hwi-Beom Shin
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.344-352 , 2019
Zero-Current-Switching in Full-Bridge DC-DC Converters Based on Activity Auxiliary Circuit
Enhui Chu, Ping Lu, Chang Xu, and Jianqun Bao
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.353-362 , 2019
Analysis and Implementation of LC Series Resonant Converter with Secondary Side Clamp Diodes under DCM Operation for High Step-Up Applications
Pengyu Jia and Yiqin Yuan
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.363-379 , 2019
Analysis and Design of Function Decoupling High Voltage Gain DC/DC Converter
Yuqi Wei, Quanming Luo, Xingyu Lv, Pengju Sun, and Xiong Du
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.380-393 , 2019
Reduction of DC-Link Capacitance in Single-Phase Non-Isolated Onboard Battery Chargers
Hoang Vu Nguyen, Sangmin Lee, and Dong-Choon Lee
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.394-402 , 2019
EMI Noise Source Reduction of Single-Ended Isolated Converters Using Secondary Resonance Technique
Zhangyong Chen, Yong Chen, Qiang Chen, Wei Jiang, and Rongqiang Zhong
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.403-412 , 2019
Optimum Hybrid SVPWM Technique for Three-level Inverter on the Basis of Minimum RMS Flux Ripple
Meenu D. Nair, Jayanta Biswas, G. Vivek, and Mukti Barai
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.413-430 , 2019
DAB Converter Based on Unified High-Frequency Bipolar Buck-Boost Theory for Low Current Stress
Jia-rong Kan, Yao-dong Yang, Yu Tang, Dong-chun Wu, Yun-ya Wu, and Jiang Wu
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.431-442 , 2019
Fault Diagnosis of Wind Power Converters Based on Compressed Sensing Theory and Weight Constrained AdaBoost-SVM
Xiao-Xia Zheng and Peng Peng
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.443-453 , 2019
High-Reliability Three-Phase Dual-Buck Grid-Connected Inverter without Shoot-Through Problem
Zhenbin Fu, Zhihua Feng, Xi Chen, and Xinxin Zheng
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.454-462 , 2019
Effect of Winding Configuration on the kVA Rating of Wye-connected Autotransformer Applied to 12- pulse Rectifier
Fangang Meng, Qingxiao Du, Lei Gao, Quanhui Li, and Zhongcheng Man
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.463-474 , 2019
Control and Modulation of Three to Asymmetrical Six-Phase Matrix Converters based on Space Vectors
Mohammed A. Al-Hitmi, Khaliqur Rahman, Atif Iqbal, and Nasser Al-Emadi
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.475-486 , 2019
Voltage Balance Control of Cascaded H-Bridge Rectifier-Based Solid-State Transformer with Vector Refactoring Technology in есет Frame
Hui Wong, Wendong Huang, and Li Yin
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.487-496 , 2019
Robust Predictive Speed Control for SPMSM Drives Based on Extended State Observers
Yanping Xu, Yongle Hou, and Zehui Li
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.497-508 , 2019
Comparison of Three Active-Frequency-Drift Islanding Detection Methods for Single-Phase Grid-Connected Inverters
Jia-rong Kan, Hui Jiang, Yu Tang, Dong-chun Wu, Yun-ya Wu, and Jiang Wu
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.509-518 , 2019
Precise Modeling and Adaptive Feed-Forward Decoupling of Unified Power Quality Conditioners
Yingpin Wang, Rubangakene Thomas Obwoya, Zhibo Li, Gongjie Li, Yi Qu, Zeyu Shi, Feng Zhang, and Yunxiang Xie
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.519-528 , 2019
A Low-Computation Indirect Model Predictive Control for Modular Multilevel Converters
Wenzhong Ma, Peng Sun, Guanyu Zhou, Gulipali Sailijiang, Ziang Zhang, and Yong Liu
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.529-539 , 2019
Electromagnetic and Vibration Analysis of E-core Switched Reluctance Motor with Permanent Magnets and Auxiliary Windings
Saranya S. and Balaji M.
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.540-548 , 2019
Adaptive Sliding Mode Control with Enhanced Optimal Reaching Law for Boost Converter Based Hybrid Power Sources in Electric Vehicles
Bin Wang, Chaohui Wang, Qiao Hu, Guangliang Ma, and Jiahui Zhou
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.549-559 , 2019
Research on Carried-Based PWM with Zero-Sequence Component Injection for Vienna Type Rectifiers
Hui Ma, Mao Feng, Yu Tian, and Xi Chen
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.560-568 , 2019
SSCI Mitigation of Series-compensated DFIG Wind Power Plants with Robust Sliding Mode Controller using Feedback Linearization
Penghan Li, Linyun Xiong, Jie Wang, Meiling Ma, and Muhammad Waseem Khan
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.569-579 , 2019
Performance Improvement Strategy for Parallel-operated Virtual Synchronous Generators in Microgrids
Hui Zhang, Ruixue Zhang, Kai Sun, and Wei Feng
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.580-590 , 2019
Analytical and Experimental Validation of Parasitic Components Influence in SiC MOSFET Three-Phase Grid-connected Inverter
Yitao Liu, Zhendong Song, Shan Yin, Jianchun Peng, and Hui Jiang
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.591-601 , 2019
Double-Loop Coil Design for Wireless Power Transfer to Embedded Sensors on Spindles
Suiyu Chen, Yongmin Yang, and Yanting Luo
JPE, vol.19, no.2, pp.602-611 , 2019
JPE, Vol. 19, No. 1, January   2019
Vol. 19, No. 1 Cover & Contents
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.0-0 , 2019
Novel Single-inductor Multistring-independent Dimming LED Driver with Switched-capacitor Control Technique
Guozhuang Liang and Hanlei Tian
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.1-10 , 2019
New ZVZCT Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Using Coupled Inductors
Wei Qian, Xi Zhang, Zhe Li, Wenqiang Jin, and Jochen Wiedemann
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.11-23 , 2019
Analysis and Modeling of AC-AC Switched Capacitor Converters
Hui Cai, Liting Bao, Qian Guo, Ying Wang, and Weimin Chen
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.24-33 , 2019
Input Voltage Range Extension Method for Half-Bridge LLC Converters by Using Magamp Auxiliary Post-Regulator
Xiaoguang Jin, Huipin Lin, Jun Xu, and Zhengyu Lu
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.34-43 , 2019
Design of LLCL Filter for Single Phase Inverters with Confined Band Variable Switching Frequency (CB-VSF) PWM
Hussain A. Attia, Tan Kheng Suan Freddy, Hang Seng Che, and Ahmad H. El Khateb
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.44-57 , 2019
Multi-Output LED Driver Integrated with 3-Switch Converter and Passive Current Balance for Portable Applications
Sen Song, Kai Ni, Guipeng Chen, Yihua Hu, and Dongsheng Yu
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.58-67 , 2019
Self-Feeder Driver for Voltage Balance in Series-Connected IGBT Associations
A. F. Guerrero-Guerrero, A. J. Ustariz-Farfan, H. E. Tacca, and E. A. Cano-Plata
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.68-78 , 2019
Neutral-point Voltage Balancing Strategy for Three-level Converter based on Disassembly of Zero Level
Chenchen Wang, Zhitong Li, and Hongliang Xin
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.79-88 , 2019
Unbalance Control Strategy of Boost Type Three-Phase to Single-Phase Matrix Converters Based on Lyapunov Function
Yu-xiang Xu, Hong-juan Ge, and Hai Guo
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.89-98 , 2019
DC-Link Capacitor Voltage Balanced Modulation Strategy Based on Three-Level Neutral-Point-Clamped Cascaded Rectifiers
Pengcheng Han, Xiaoqiong He, Zhiqin Zhao, Haolun Yu, Yi Wang, Xu Peng, and Zeliang Shu
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.99-107 , 2019
DC-Link Voltage Balance Control Using Fourth- Phase for 3-Phase 3-Level NPC PWM Converters with Common-Mode Voltage Reduction Technique
Jun-Hyung Jung, Jung-Hoon Park, Jang-Mok Kim, and Yung-Deug Son
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.108-118 , 2019
Optimal Two Degrees-of-Freedom Based Neutral Point Potential Control for Three-Level Neutral Point Clamped Converters
Bo Guan and Shinji Doki
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.119-133 , 2019
Single-Phase Step-Up Five-Level Inverter with Phase-Shifted Pulse Width Modulation
Jianfei Chen, Caisheng Wang, and Jian Li
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.134-145 , 2019
Hybrid PWM Modulation Technology Applied to Three-Level Topology-Based PMSMs
Yuanxi Chen, Xinhua Guo, Jiangyu Xue, and Yifeng Chen
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.146-157 , 2019
Comparative Study of Flux Regulation Methods for Hybrid Permanent Magnet Axial Field Flux-switching Memory Machines
Gongde Yang, Xinghe Fu, Mingyao Lin, Nian Li, and Hao Li
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.158-167 , 2019
Double-Objective Finite Control Set Model-Free Predictive Control with DSVM for PMSM Drives
Beishi Zhao, Hongmei Li, and Jingkui Mao
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.168-178 , 2019
Predictive Current Control of Four-Quadrant Converters Based on Specific Sampling Method and Modified Z-Transform
Gang Zhang, Jianglin Qian, Zhigang Liu, and Zhongbei Tian
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.179-189 , 2019
Sampled-Data Modeling and Dynamic Behavior Analysis of Peak Current-Mode Controlled Flyback Converter with Ramp Compensation
Shuhan Zhou, Guohua Zhou, Shaohuan Zeng, Shungang Xu, and Taiqiang Cao
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.190-200 , 2019
Multimode Hybrid Control Strategy of LLC Resonant Converter in Applications with Wide Input Voltage Range
Yan Li, Kun Zhang, and Shuaifei Yang
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.201-210 , 2019
Three-coil Magnetically Coupled Resonant Wireless Power Transfer System with Adjustable-position Intermediate Coil for Stable Transmission Characteristics
Xuling Chen, Lu Chen, Weiwei Ye, and Weipeng Zhang
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.211-219 , 2019
Design and Analysis of Universal Power Converter for Hybrid Solar and Thermoelectric Generators
Sathiyanathan M., Jaganathan S., and Josephine R. L.
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.220-233 , 2019
Unbalanced Power Sharing for Islanded Droop-Controlled Microgrids
Yaoqin Jia, Daoyang Li, and Zhen Chen
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.234-243 , 2019
Fast FCS-MPC-Based SVPWM Method to Reduce Switching States of Multilevel Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOMs
Xiuqin Wang, Jiwen Zhao, Qunjing Wang, Guoli Li, and Maosong Zhang
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.244-253 , 2019
Seamless Mode Transfer of Utility Interactive Inverters Based on Indirect Current Control
Kyungbae Lim, Injong Song, Jaeho Choi, Hyeong-Jun Yoo, and Hak-Man Kim
JPE, vol.19, no.1, pp.254-264 , 2019
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